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REC Group is a global solar energy pioneer committed to providing consumers with clean, cheap solar energy via high-quality solar panels with superior power density. REC is renowned as Solar's Most Trusted for its unique technologies and several award-winning products that deliver consistent long-term performance.

Advanced and extremely efficient production employing Industry 4 principles is the cornerstone of REC's great reliability. REC has always been committed to a minimal carbon footprint in its solar components and panels since its inception in 1996 in Norway. REC solar panel is based in Norway, with regional offices in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Higher power density (watts/m2), beautiful aesthetics, and little environmental effect are all benefits of REC solar panel's cutting-edge technology. These high-quality REC solar panels will save you money, give you more financial stability, and give you more energy autonomy for your house or business.

With a high-quality REC Solar Panel, it is guaranteed to last for at least 20 years. As part of the REC ProTrust Warranty, all panels are eligible for a +5 year product warranty extension.

Ensures that REC solar panels work as predicted year after year for the next 25 years. Greater ROI predictability is enabled by larger justified power and annual yields.

This is a feature exclusive to the REC ProTrust Warranty, and it provides additional protection in the uncommon event that a REC panel needs to be serviced.

The list of benefits of having REC Solar panel in Brisbane for your home or business is listed below:

  • REC solar panels in Brisbane generate more solar power compared to other solar panels.
  • REC solar panels are robust and extremely durable in design.
  • REC solar panels are 100% PID free.
  • REC solar panels are optimised in a way that they can work efficiently in high sunlight as well as in low sunlight conditions.
  • Ammonia and salt mist corrosion resistance is comparatively higher than other cheap solar panels in Brisbane.
  • REC solar panels produce over 20% more power compared to conventional cheap solar panels in Brisbane.
  • REC solar panels go through extensive quality testing and numerous checks during the production cycle, as a result, every customer will get high-efficiency high power and high-quality solar panels only.
  • Higher performance rate when REC solar panels are under the shade because of half-cut cell design.

Top reasons to trust REC group for your residential and commercial solar panels:

  • REC Group is one of the financially strongest companies in Queensland.
  • They have an extremely low failure rate.
  • REC group has now developed a fully automatic production cycle as a result there is reduced variation in production.
  • REC group belongs to tier-one solar panel producers in Australia.

Using this information you can easily decide if REC solar panels are perfect for your requirements. However, if you still have doubts you can surely contact our solar panel experts and they will guide you better.

If you have decided that REC solar panels are perfect for you, you can choose from our regular panel packages to get a quote.

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