50 kW solar panels for Businesses, shops and other large Commercial Operations

A 50 kW solar panel system is among the most popular choices for commercial solar systems. It is preferable for the businesses with higher energy usage and hence, faces higher annual electricity bills as a result.

With GoRunSolar you will get a 50 kW solar system composed of the top quality components, best quality solar panels such as Jinko, Canadian, Trina solar panels or Longi solar panels, the best solar inverter such as Sungrow, Fronius inverter along with the best solar battery storage as an option.

GoRunSolar is one of the most advanced solar technology providers for business. We offer high efficient 50 kW solar power systems to large office, business, retail stores, industrial buildings and warehouses across Queensland. With our top-quality components, our clients require minimal maintenance.

Special Solar Packages


66.6 kW Solar Power System

Fronius ECO 2 x 25kW Inverter 3P
120 Jinko 555 W Panels

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66.0 kW Solar Power System

Fronius ECO 2 x 25kW Inverter 3P
120 Trina 550 W Panels

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Machine rent

66.0 kW Solar Power System

Fronius ECO 2 x 25kW Inverter 3P
120 Canadian 550 W Panels

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Site preparation

66.6 kW Solar Power System

Fronius ECO 2 x 25kW Inverter 3P
120 Longi 550 W Panels

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What is the cost of a 50 kW commercial solar system?

50 kW solar systems are the most popular size for medium size commercial purposes. The reason is that it covers a large number of medium size businesses’ power requirements. The best quality 50 kW solar system in Brisbane will cost you approximately $40,000 to $55,000 depending on the brand of the component such as solar panels and inverter that you choose.

How much value could a 50 kW commercial solar system bring to my business?

A 50 kW commercial solar system is best suited for most medium-sized businesses with a daily energy consumption of 500 kW or less per day. As a business owner investing in solar products will qualify you for the government Small Tech Certificate rebate.

Hence, you will be able to enjoy additional subsidies for your initial cost of the solar system and will ultimately get a higher return on investment.

Additionally, offsetting 200 kW from your daily usage will significantly reduce your total energy usage which will help you lower the cost of your electric bills, and help you increase your net profit. Medium-sized businesses in Queensland have reported that they can save about $16,000 annually with the help of a 50 kW commercial solar system.

What is the payback period for a 50 kW solar system?

50 kW commercial solar systems will help you offset your energy bills with solar energy and tariffs paid when feeding to the grid, eventually, your commercial solar system will pay for itself.

The average time for a 50 kW commercial solar system in Brisbane is between 4 to 5 years. When this payback period is over, your investment will turn into a positive cash flow for your business.

However, this is mainly dependent on the energy utilisation habits, the rate you pay for electricity and the rate you receive from the energy provider.

How much roof space do I need to set up a 50 kW solar system for my business?

With GoRunSolar you will get the top quality solar panels from brands like Jingo solar panels and Longi solar panels and the average size for these panels in Queensland is 1.7m x 1m. If you are using anywhere between 260W to 330W solar panels, you will require approximately 260 m2 to 330 m2. Most panels have a range between 275 watts to 350 watts.

The availability of the roof space plays a very crucial role as those with enough space could get more solar panels compared to those with limited roof space. If the space availability is the issue for you then you can install high power panels with high efficiency to make the best of the available space.

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