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LONGi solar panel was founded in 2000. LONGi solar panels are Chinese solar panels. They are in the solar market for over 20 years now with solidify that they will be still in business over the lifespan of your solar panels. They are one of the top 10 brands for solar panels in Brisbane.

LONGi Solar, a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer, uses cutting-edge solar technology in its solar modules, such as PERC technology.

LONGi solar panels with PERC cells offer a high cell efficiency. PERC panels, which stand for "passivated emitter and rear contact," contain an additional layer of glass on the back sheet of the solar cells that helps reduce energy loss and convert more of the sun's rays into electricity.

LONGi Solar panels are all half-cut cell modules, which boosts their efficiency even more.

The Hi-MO 4 Monofacial Lines and the Hi-MO 5 Bifacial Series are LONGi's two primary monocrystalline module series, but only the Hi-MO 4 Series offers LONGi solar panels for residential usage.

Although bifacial solar panels are not suitable for home use, they have gained favour in commercial applications in recent years.

In the Hi-MO 4 Series, there are three versions to select from, each with different wattage and other characteristics.

Anything above 21% efficiency for a solar panel is considered exceptional, with 20% being great. LONGi Solar panels can come in a variety of wattages, ranging from 275 W to 400 W per panel.

The efficiency of a LONGi solar panel refers to how much of the sunlight that strikes its surface area is transformed into useful power.

The more efficient the panels are, the more electricity they can convert into electricity. So, if you only have a small amount of roof space, you'll want to go with the most efficient solar panels to maximise the amount of energy you can generate.

If you have limited roof space, go with the 430-460 watt LONGi solar panels.

LONGi solar panels are one of Brisbane's best-performing solar panels because of the following reasons:

  • LONGi solar panels operate effectively in most circumstances because they use half-cut cells. Half-cut cell technology permits the panels to function as two separate panels on the top and bottom, meaning that if one half is shaded or destroyed, the other half will continue to provide electricity.
  • Another essential consideration is the temperature coefficient, which describes how much the performance of the panels diminishes as the temperature rises. Solar panels absorb a lot of heat due to their dark tint, making them hotter than the ambient temperature. Solar panels can provide less power as the temperature rises.
    All of this suggests that a lower temperature coefficient is better. When the solar panels get hotter, a higher temperature coefficient means more energy is lost.
  • A remarkable 25-year warranty on the performance of LONGi Solar Panels in Brisbane.
    LONGi Solar panels provide a 12-year workmanship and flaw guarantee, as well as a 25-year performance warranty. Normal wear and tear or changes produced by normal use of the system are not covered by the product warranty: the modules must be installed and used exactly as they were intended.
    LONGi provides a 25-year performance warranty, often known as a power output warranty, on the panels. LONGi solar panel promises that the solar panels' annual production will be at least 84.8% of their original solar energy output at the time of installation after 25 years. The range for most solar panel firms is about 80%-90% of the initial production, therefore this value is in line with the industry average.
    LONGi solar panels are a wonderful choice for solar panels in Brisbane and one of our top recommended brands for solar panels in Queensland. If you are still not sure which solar panels you should pick, you may contact our solar panel experts. And we will guide you to make the best choice for your solar panels.

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LR4 60HPH 370M 35

LR4 60HPH 370M 35

LONGi Solar mono module products are highly efficient and reliable, they are proven to have an average cell efficiency rate of 21%.

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LR4 66HPH-415M 35

Longi LR4-66HPH 415W Mono 132half-cell Black 35mm MC4 EVO2 1200mm

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