Top Quality Canadian Solar Panels In Queensland

Canadian solar panels are regarded as one of the best quality solar panels in Brisbane. They are awarded as one of the top 5 solar panel producers in Australia. They have subsidiaries on 6 continents and active buying customers in more than 160 countries, effectively making Canadian Solar Panels one of the most reliable solar panel brands.

One of the best things about Canadian solar panels in Brisbane is that you will get 25 years of linear performance warranty along with 25 years of performance warranty insurance. This helps our customers to build a strong trust and faith in Canadian solar panels in Brisbane.

Positive power tolerance in Canadian solar panels is possible up to 5 watts, further proving the high quality of Canadian solar panels in Brisbane.

We are aware that Australian weather could be really harsh depending on the month or even time of the day. Therefore, we always suggest our customers go with the best quality solar panels which can withstand the harsh weather of Australia.

We are providing solar panels in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich Areas of Queensland. And we never had any complaints regarding the quality of Canadian solar panels under any weather condition.

The reason is all the Canadian solar panels are built with a clear vision in mind that they should be able to perform at their best under any weather condition. Therefore, all the Canadian solar panels are resistant to ammonia and salt mist. And thanks to its strong build quality it can also survive high wind which makes them perfect for coastal and farm areas in Queensland.

Some of the best Canadian solar panels are also providing low light irradiance settings. Enabling this setting, your solar power system will perform exceptionally better under low light conditions compared to any other solar panel brand in Brisbane.

If you are looking for the best quality solar panels in Brisbane then Canadian solar panels are ideal for you. At GoRunSolar, we are providing different packages to choose from for our customers with Canadian solar panels.

Some of the top advantages of Canadian solar panels are listed below:

  • Canadian solar panels have an excellent hotspot performance.
  • Module efficiency is up to 21% of Canadian solar panels in Brisbane. So you can maximize the use of rooftop space.
  • From the backside of the panels, it yields more energy up to 30%.
  • And comparatively low hotspot temperature.

Click on the below packages to get a quote for Canadian solar panels. And if you are still confused about whether or not you should go with Canadian solar panels, then please do not hesitate to contact our solar panel experts who will assist you to buy the best solar panels for your home or commercial solar system in Brisbane.

Our Best Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian CS3L-370MS 35

CS3L-370MS 35

26 % higher power than conventional modules

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Canadian HiKu Mono PERC

HiKu Mono PERC 415MS

HiKu Mono PERC
400 W ~ 425 W
Module efficiency up to 20.9 %

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