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SolarEdge, which was founded in 2006, created the DC optimised solar inverter solution, which revolutionised the way power is captured and handled in photovoltaic (PV) systems.

For a better return on investment, the SolarEdge intelligent inverter solution maximises power generation while minimising the cost of energy provided by the PV system.

In 2010, the company supplied an estimated 250,000 power optimizers and 12,000 solar inverters, totalling 50 megawatts and accounting for 70% of the market for power optimizers.

SolarEdge and Tesla Motors teamed in May 2015 to develop a photovoltaic (PV) storage and backup power solution for the domestic solar market, based on the Powerwall home and industrial battery packs that were revealed in April 2015 and garnered orders totalling US$800 million.

What distinguishes solar edge inverters from other cheap solar inverters in Brisbane?

SolarEdge solar inverters are most recognised for being the first company to introduce the concept of a string solar inverter with separate 'DC optimisers' on each solar panel. This implies it's a hybrid of a string and a microinverter system, combining the best of both worlds. These optimizers make it possible to:

  • In the event of an emergency, panels can be turned off quickly.
  • Monitoring of each individual panel
  • A modest increase in energy generation over the system's lifetime
  • Because the Multi-Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is done entirely at the panel, a smaller string inverter is required.
  • Personalisation of each panel (i.e. shade or dirt on one panel will not affect the other panels like a conventional setup)

Inverter Efficiency of SolarEdge

While home solar inverter efficiency regulations range from 95% to 98%, SolarEdge solar inverters with power optimizers have a maximum efficiency of 99.5%.

The effectiveness of SolarEdge inverters in Brisbane can be attributed to a number of factors. The first is that they are more efficient than traditional string solar inverters because they avoid power loss due to individual panel shading or failure.

SolarEdge Solar Inverters are also more effective for larger systems than microinverters since they are not limited by the voltage regulations' cap of 21 microinverter panels.

If the panels are shaded, the SolarEdge power optimizers adjust the output so that the total voltage is around 350 volts. As a result, a decrease in production in one or more panels has no influence on the overall effectiveness of the remaining panels.

As a result, SolarEdge solar inverter is considered an industry leader in terms of power optimisers.

Warranty details of SolarEdge Inverters in Brisbane

SolarEdge solar inverters' major value proposition is that they can provide the benefits of both string and microinverters at the same time, at a price point in the middle.

The systems can also be expanded indefinitely. If energy needs grow in the future, homeowners can easily add another array.

With a standard string solar inverter, this is a more challenging process that may necessitate the construction of a second central inverter. It's also less expensive than installing extra panels with microinverters built-in.

The SolarEdge inverter in Brisbane comes with a 12-year warranty, and its optimizers come with a 25-year warranty, which is on the higher end of industry standards, which normally range from 5 to 12 years.

SolarEdge inverters also provide versatility in that if you decide to use their optimisers but want to use a different inverter brand, you may do so without difficulty.

SolarEdge's optimizers have independent operation technology, so they can be utilised with almost any other inverter.

Solar Edge today employs over 2,400 people worldwide and has over 130 monitored sites. The company's headquarters are in Israel, although it has offices in the United States, Germany, France, Japan, China, India, and Australia.

This further solidifies the trustworthiness of the SolarEdge Brand. Click from the following SolarEdge Inverter’s packages to get the price.

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SolarEdge 10kW 1P Genesis Inverter

SolarEdge 10kW 1P Genesis Inverter

DC-optimised residential PV system that easily fits any roof.Single string design for inverters up to 5kW AC

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SolarEdge 5kw 1P

SolarEdge 5kw 1P

DC-optimised residential PV system that easily fits any roof Single string design for inverters up to 5kW AC

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