The Latest Technology Equipped GoodWe Solar Batteries In Brisbane

GoodWe has earned a reputation as one of the greatest Chinese inverter manufacturers over the last decade, with some in the solar sector even considering it to be on par with certain well-known European manufacturers.

GoodWe had not created any solar battery systems until recently, despite being one of the early pioneers in energy storage inverter technology. For household and small business uses, the company currently provides a variety of lithium battery systems.

The new solar storage batteries come in both low voltage (48V) and high voltage versions, and they're all made with the tried-and-true Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cell chemistry.

Because of its dependability, long lifespan, high performance, and high safety, LFP batteries have become the most prefered alternative for stationary energy storage, with an extremely low risk of thermal runaway or overheating.

Lynx Battery U Series For Residential Usage

GoodWe's new Lynx Home U Series battery, which is a very cheap solar storage battery in Brisbane, is one of the standout battery products. The Lynx battery's low-voltage (48V) design allows up to six units to be connected in parallel to give up to 28.8kWh of useful storage capacity.

Key features of the Lynx U series

  • After a low-voltage cutout, the system will automatically reboot.
  • 5.4 kWh of capacity, 90% of which is usable
  • Using six batteries in line, the system can scale up to 28.8kWh.
  • After 10 years, there is a 10-year warranty with a minimum capacity of 70%.
  • Upgrades and troubleshoots of the firmware.

The U series includes a long range of smart features, including the ability to automatically detect parallel solar storage battery modules, making installation and setup easier.

More crucially, the solar battery storage system can reboot itself after entering self-protection mode as a result of an under-voltage occurrence. During a blackout, when the solar battery system can be entirely drained overnight and can not immediately restart the next day, this is a common problem with many other solar batteries.

A full system reset is frequently required in this case, which might be inconvenient for some users. Fortunately, the new Lynx battery will not be affected by this problem.

Another useful feature is the ability to remotely check and update all solar battery systems' firmware at the same time.

Lynx Battery S Series For Residential Use

The Lynx Home S Series battery is a stacking high-voltage energy storage system made up of individual 2.56kWh modules that use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells, which are safer.

To achieve a high enough voltage and power output to match the GoodWe inverter criteria, a minimum of three modules are necessary (ET, BT, EH, BH series hybrid inverters). High-voltage GoodWe Solar battery systems have grown in popularity in recent years due to their higher efficiency, as the battery voltage is closer to the solar PV array voltage, resulting in fewer conversion losses, and their compact modular form makes them simple to instal.

Key features of the Lynx S series

  • After a low-voltage cutout, the system will automatically reboot.
  • A stack of eight modules can scale from 7.68 to 18.4kWh.
  • High-voltage modules with a capacity of 2.56 kWh and a 90% usable capacity
  • Upgrades and troubleshoots of the firmware.
  • After 10 years, there is a 10-year warranty with a minimum capacity of 70%.

The array of smart features is remarkable, just like the low voltage Lynx battery. The S series battery also supports remote monitoring, diagnosis, and software upgrades, as well as the ability to immediately reboot in the case of entering self-protection mode owing to under-voltage.

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Our Top Selling Goodwe Batteries

GW Lynx Home U LV 5.4 kWh

GW Lynx Home U LV 5.4 kWh

The GoodWe Lynx Home U series battery is designed for residential applications. The battery boasts an IP65 protection class and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

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