Half-Cell Technology

Why is it Worth Installing the Half Cell Technology in Solar Panels?

The half cell technology is the newest and trendiest invention in the world of solar technology. As per reports, the conventional full cell modules are going to take up only 35% of the market share by 2028. ITRPV anticipates that different cell variations are going to take over the market soon. The new trend is all about half cell technology, which is taking the market by storm.

As per the prediction, the market share of this half cell technology has enhanced by 5% from 2018 and going to reach up to a 40% increase by 2028. Thus, full cell technology is on the verge of receiving strong competition from half cell technology in the coming years.

What is Meant by the Half-Cell Modules?

Unlike the mainstream full cell panels made of about 60 cells, the half-cell modules come with a doubled number of cells, up to 120-144 cells in every panel. These panels have similar dimensions as that of the traditional ones but come with a double number of cells. The goal to create a double number of cells is for generating more energy from the sunlight sent through the inverter.

The half cell technology includes cutting the cells into half, which benefits the system by reducing the resistance. The full cell panels come with 60-72 number cells. On the other hand, 120-144 cells of the half-cell modules come with lower resistance capacity to capture more energy.

The small-sized cells of the half-cell panels come with reduced mechanical stress on the panel, lessening the chances of microcracking. Simultaneously, the half-cell modules come with a higher power output rating, which enhances the solar panel’s efficiency with better results.

Why is it Worth Switching to Half Cell Technology?

If you want to get a better power supply with highly effective results, then half cell technology is the most efficient way. So, here are the benefits that this technology offers.

  • Efficient Performance with High-end Durability:

The half cell technology is not much prone to microcracking because of the smaller dimension of the solar cells. The reduced mechanical stress diminishes the possibilities of micro-crack development in the solar installs, making it an absolute durable option.

  • Gives Optimal Result in Low Light Condition:

The half cell technology works with much supremacy in feeble light conditions. The high-end construction of the smaller cells generates more energy to the inverter, which drives more power.

  • Comes with Split Junction Boxes:

Hot spots are harmful and quite prevalent in solar PV systems, which continuously generate a higher level of heat. But the half-cell solar panels feature less heat technology. And the split junction box in the half cell technology reduces the heating of the cell and the appearance of hot spots.

  • Works with Greater Efficiency in Extremely Hot Conditions:

The half cell technology efficiently performs under high-temperature situations. Also, the solar panels installed with half cells are less prone to malfunctions and damages.


Switching to half cell technology would be an ideal option for anyone to grow with the new-age energy demand. GoRunSolar facilitates efficient installation of the half-cell solar panels, which ensure higher solar energy generation to offer you an uninterrupted power supply at an affordable range.

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