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What is Hybrid Solar? Advantages, How Does it work & Why opt for it

It is already high time, and we must take care of our environment, or our future is doomed. We need to use a number of resources efficiently. And one of them is electricity. Electricity from the electric grid is mostly produced by using fossil fuels and natural gas, which are way more harmful to the environment.

Thus, it is better to install a hybrid solar system Queensland not only for a good environment but also for your own significant benefits.

What are hybrid solar systems?

We all know about the solar grid system. The concept of hybrid solar systems is almost similar to a solar grid system. The only difference is that it makes use of batteries to store energy that can be used for later purposes. This particular ability to store energy enables most of the hybrid solar systems to operate as a backup power supply during the time of power-cut or blackout. It is similar to an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

A hybrid solar panel technically refers to the two major sources of generation- solar and wind. But, the term “hybrid solar panels” indicates solar and battery storage, which is further connected to the electricity grid.

Advantages of hybrid solar systems:

Some of the popular advantages of using hybrid solar systems are given below:

  • It has made it possible to make use of solar energy at peak usage times.
  • Hybrid solar systems can be used for advanced energy management.
  • The best part is that it enables energy dependence.
  • They not only store solar energy but low-cost electricity as well.
  • Hybrid solar panels enable a reduction of power consumption from the electricity grid.

How does it work?

A hybrid solar system consists of a solar inverter and a battery inverter as well. With the combination of clever and smart controls, the lithium battery incorporated in a hybrid solar system is the most economical and complete package. In case you have high energy usage, it is recommended for you to use hybrid solar systems.

The hybrid systems of modern times combine battery and solar storage in a single unit. Currently, they are available in different configurations and forms. Because of the diminishing price of battery storage, those solar systems that are associated with the electrical grid can already begin with enjoying the benefit of battery storage as well. In short, you can store the sun’s energy all day long and use it during the night time or during peak hours.

When the accumulated energy gets depleted, there is nothing to worry about it, as the grid exists there as a backup. It allows the users to get the best of the grid as well as the battery. By making use of the cheap off-peak electrical current, the hybrid solar systems can charge the batteries. There are several ways to design your hybrid solar systems. And you can opt for the one that suits your purpose.

Why opt for hybrid solar systems?

There are several reasons to opt for hybrid solar systems, the most popular reasons are given below:

  • Keeps the electricity flowing even if the grid collapses:

In the event of a power outage, well-designed hybrid solar systems can disconnect your house from the grid safely and converts your house into a mini-grid. As the battery continues to give you the power to light up your house or property.

  • Enables you to make the most of your electricity tariff:

Tariffs mean that the grid electricity costs more during the peak demand period. If you have a hybrid solar system, when the prices are high, you can draw power from your solar panels or batteries. Basically, you are future-proofing your house against the tariff changes made by the electricity companies.

  • Supplies you power, day and night:

A hybrid solar system can charge your batteries with excess solar power during the day. And during night hours, you can switch on the battery bank to enjoy free electricity without paying for it for using electricity from the grid at night.


So, it was all that covered all the major aspects of hybrid solar systems. In short, they are convenient in all aspects. By introducing a hybrid solar system in your house, you are not only taking care of the environment but also getting to use the most from your budget.

You may opt for Go Run Solar to configure and design your hybrid solar system Brisbane in a better way, as they’ve got the most efficient experts and professionals in this field.

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