Solar Maintenance

The Cost of Solar Maintenance and How Frequently You Should Do it

The growth of environmental consciousness among various sections of this world is paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow. The use of solar energy is a great way to turn more environment-friendly, as is the need of the hour. Installing solar panels can let you use solar energy to its full potential.

But this is not a one-time investment. Solar panels require proper maintenance and care to maximize their output.

Why is This Maintenance Needed?

Solar panel system maintenance is quite essential due to many factors, as stated below.

  • Solar panels are pretty sensitive, and the accumulation of residues and dust can adversely affect their performance. The dust-covered panels will not be able to absorb sun rays properly; hence, offer less power in return.
  • Storms or overhanging trees might put stress on these panels and even damage them. So, it’s important to check for any such advancement to avoid a huge replacement cost.
  • An unfit panel can only be diagnosed if regular checking is carried out at specific intervals. Professionals can take good care of this process and provide you with the correct information and advice.

Frequency of Cleaning and Maintenance:

As recommended by many professionals, solar panel systems require frequent cleaning. The frequency increases with the area of occupancy by the panels.

Residential solar panel systems can get a larger interval between maintenance, but not more than 12 months. Inspection of the panel system at regular intervals will save you the cost of bigger damages when left unnoticed.

Solar Panel Inspection Cost:

Generally, the inspection cost lies in the range of $150-$300. This range can vary based on the states and availability of services.

It is always better to choose a professional agency for inspection as it will determine whether you need repair work or your panels are fine to work with. Moreover, within this range, they will also render you with onsite records and statistics while monitoring frame corrosion, moisture penetration, and many more.

Solar Panel Replacement Cost:

If the inspection process reveals significant damages, such as major cracks, excess accumulation of debris, efficiency reduction, etc., you will be asked to replace the panel. Depending on how many panels require replacement, your cost will be determined. The price range for a single solar panel varies between $0.70-$1.50 per watt.

Solar Panel Repair Cost:

There can be a variety of issues for which solar panels need repair. And each of these issues has a separate price range for repair, as elucidated below.

  • Loose wiring: If you come across this particular issue, the soft silicon must be cut through to get to the cells’ rear surface. The approximate price for doing so ranges from $100 to $120.
  • Cracked or damaged panels: It may require you to solder the edges of the solar panel, which can cost you between $150 and $300.
  • Broken Glass: Technicians will cover the surface of the solar panel with a transparent laminated sheet or mend it with a silicone encapsulate. It may cost you around $20 to $400, based on the cracked glass sensitivity.
  • Corrosion: This particular issue will need the replacement of rusty parts, ending in an expenditure of $150 to $350.
  • Broken or non-functional inverter: In the case of an uncommunicative inverter in your solar panel, the cost for repairing it can be quite high as from $1000 to $2000.


Thus, the solar panel system maintenance cost can vary largely depending on multiple parameters. To avoid spending more, you can contact a professional service provider, who will efficiently handle repairs, replacements, or even give you clear advice on further steps.

In this regard, GoRunSolar can be an excellent choice for your solar panel system maintenance. They will provide you with top-notch solar system maintenance support.

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