Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

Quick Guide for Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

We are in a technologically upgraded world, and it is constantly growing. By this time, we must have known the importance of the environment. The traditional form of electricity uses natural gas and fossil fuels to provide electricity, which is harmful to the environment and can be costly for you sometimes.

Thus, to save yourself and the environment, you need to opt for solar panels to power up your house. This article is going to cover up everything that you need to know about solar panels installation. 

Where to install?

The solar panels are usually installed on building tops, rooftops, or stand-alone facilities. It is very necessary to install the solar panel in the correct location so that you can get the most and direct exposure to the sun.

When solar panels are placed under direct sunlight, it performs at its best. While deciding on opting for solar panel installation Brisbane, make sure to position the panels under the noontime sun directly to maximize their efficiency from the photovoltaic power unit.

Before proceeding with the installation procedure, you need to take care of the obstructions to sunlight. All the unnecessary obstructions need to be eliminated. Obstructions like branches of trees and unnecessary wires that block the sunlight’s path to the solar panel need to be taken care of.

Make sure that there is no object that may cast a shadow on the panels, or else you will not get the optimum results, as the operating efficiency of the solar unit may suffer because of such shadow-casting objects. 

Types of solar panel mounts:

The different solar panel mounts will help you to install your solar panel on the rooftop, RV, or against a pole side on your roof, or you may install them as a free-standing unit as well. Three main types of mounts available are used to install solar panels. They are as follows:

  1. Pole mounts
  2. Flush mounts
  3. Roof-ground mounts 

Things to consider before installing the solar panel unit:

You need to make some preparations before deciding to install a solar panel. You need to determine your wattage requirement, the size of the system you need, and the wire size. Taking correct actions will prevent overheating and will provide you with the maximum output.

Some of the major things that you need to consider before deciding on solar panel installation Brisbane unit are as follows. 

  • Equipment needed:

Firstly, you will need to prepare a list of the equipment that you will need to install a solar energy system. Types of equipment like charge controllers, solar panels, power inverter, and batteries need to be considered. 

  • System size:

Secondly, you will need to determine the appropriate size of a solar system that will be efficient for your purpose. For this, you need to add up the wattage of the entire list of electrical appliances that you are planning to use and calculate for how many hours per day these electrical appliances are going to be used. 

  • Cost calculation:

Now, you need to calculate the cost involved in setting up the correct type and size of the system. Do not forget that subsidies vary from one country to another based on the government. Thus, take it into consideration before calculation. 

Solar panel installation process:

Follow the down-below steps that are involved in the process of solar panel installation Brisbane: 

  • Fix the mounts:

Firstly, you will have to install the mounts and slightly tilt them to provide support to your solar panels. Based on your requirement, you may choose flush mounts or roof-grounded mounts. The base structures provide sturdiness and support. 

  • Install the solar panels:

Then you need to fix the solar panels with the mounting structure by using nuts and bolts. It maintains sturdiness and makes sure that it lasts long. 

  • Do electrical wiring:

Now, for the electrical wiring, use connectors to connect the solar panels. The panels need to be electrically connected with each other by series connection or parallel connection. 

  • Connect the system to solar inverter:

The solar panel’s positive wire is connected to the inverter’s positive terminal. And the negative wire needs to be connected with the inverter’s negative terminal. This connects the solar inverter to the solar battery and grid input for producing electricity. 

  • Connect solar inverter and solar battery:

Now, you need to connect the battery’s positive terminal with the inverter’s positive terminal and the negative to negative. 

  • Connect the solar inverter to the grid:

To connect the inverter to the grid, make use of a normal plug to connect to the main power switchboard.  

  • Start solar inverter:

After everything is done perfectly, start the inverter and switch on the home’s main switch. 


At the end of the article, we have successfully covered everything that you need to know about solar panel installation. If you are new to this concept, it is better to hire an expert to know more about solar panel installation.

You may opt for Go Run Solar to effectively install a solar PV system at your home. They come up with the best team of solar panel installers Brisbane who works out your problems to give you the best possible result.

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