Hybrid vs. Off-Grid

Hybrid vs. Off-Grid: Why to Opt for Hybrid Solar System in 2021?

Prolonging sustainability with cost savings is what every people would expect while buying solar systems. Thus, for that, you have to replenish your knowledge with an in-depth idea about Hybrid and Off-grid solar systems.

Knowing some basic facts will help in determining the amount of power generation by the system and also the return on investment. So firstly, we will discuss the pros and cons of each system.

Hybrid solar systems:

With this, you can get the electricity supply of the grid, with an added attribute of storing excess energy into a battery. This surplus and stored energy can be used when the sun isn’t much shining.


  • There are many times when the grid, for some reason, stops functioning. Thus you can switch to the reserved energy for consumption.
  • The hybrid system is thoroughly customizable; you can either add panels, batteries, or even both. The hybrid system even is compatible with newer forms of solar technologies.
  • Hybrid systems raise the ability for power management. For instance, you can use high power consuming appliances in the daytime, thus giving a better return on investment.


  • For a hybrid solar system, you need a lot of space to keep it. Adding the battery bank, grid access, and inverters, it is mandatory to chalk out space before installing.
  • The initial cost of setting up the hybrid solar panel system is still high, as things like smart hybrid inverter and battery bank are needed.

Off-grid solar systems:

Off-grid solar systems aren’t connected to the utility grid. In these, solar batteries are also necessary. It will be wise to add a backup generator for poor weather conditions.


  • As there is no grid connection, so you can worry less about the risk of power outages or fluctuating power costs.
  • This setup is eco-friendly and can sustain for a longer period. This system eradicates the usage of the grid, thus enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint. Thus, your system won’t contribute to water pollution and greenhouse gases.


  • You have to forget about utilizing the power from the grid during bad weather or during servicing of the whole system. Henceforth, you will have no backup.
  • The total setup will be expensive if you desire to power the whole house. You need extra batteries and generators. And the batteries have limited lifespans; therefore, they need proper servicing.

Why is it wise to opt for a hybrid solar system?

Following are some of the reasons why a hybrid solar system is better than an off-grid one.

Disconnection from Grid:

Many times, because of the failure of the grid, the solar system is turned down. This helps in protecting the workers from being electrocuted. But tables get turned when a hybrid solar panel system comes into the scenario.

A properly designed hybrid solar PV system correctly delinks the house from the main grid and turns your house into a mini-grid. Thus, your house will be the only house to blare out lights even in power outages.

Hybrid inverters:

As local electricity provider imposes a threshold over solar system sizes, claiming that the grid can drive in excess energy. This leaves no option for homeowners to buy and set up solar panels of less capacity. However, you can counterattack that wisely with the help of hybrid inverters.

With this, you can set a maximum export limit to the grid. For instance, you have generated 10kW of power from your solar system, but the grid gets only 2kW of that; the rest of the 8kW is send off to your battery, which can be later reused.

It is more efficient during the afternoon:

During noon, smart solar hybrid systems are known for generating a heavy amount of energy compared to others. Thus, you can store those excess energies in the battery for later usage.

You can save money during nights:

Some places have the concept of increasing the cost per unit charges during the night while importing. So, with the help of a hybrid solar PV system, you will store the excess energy into the battery instead of exporting it to the grid. Later, at night you can use the energy from the battery.


Well, it is substantially important for you to know things that you will opt for. So, we hope the above-mentioned pros and cons will help you in choosing the correct type of solar system for your house.

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