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How to Maintain My Residential Solar System & its Efficiency to Produce Energy?

No matter how much costly your residential solar system be, it is still advisable to do proper maintenance at certain intervals to keep it running perfectly. Proper maintenance helps in ensuring that the solar panels are functioning appropriately and resourcefully.

Moreover, with regular check-ups, you can assume to have saved money on costly repairs and also have nice and shiny solar panels. So, here, we are going to let you know how to preserve residential solar PV systems appropriately and enhance their efficacy.

Ways to maintain your solar system

So, first, let us see how residential solar panel systems can be maintained properly for the proper generation and supply of electricity to your home.

Watch for dirt and debris build-up

In terms of cleaning solar panels, they don’t need to be cleaned much often, thanks to rain as it washes off excess dirt and debris build-up over the surface. But in regions with less rainfall or in a season in which there is barely any rainfall, it would be fine to use a water hose to clean the panel by yourself.

In regions where there is heavy snow, leaf deposition, smart options like long-handled broom or roof rake must be bought so that you can clean the panel yourself.  Try not to get over the roof for cleaning the panels, as that increases the rate of risk.

Keep a check on rack and roof penetrations

You need to have great observation skills, as you need to look out for racks and roof penetrations. Racking helps in securing the solar panel system on the terrace. The weight of the solar panels is further held by bolt penetrations, keeping them in a balanced and fixed position.

Yes, they are entrusted with durability and stability, but in case you observe something unusual like leaks or such, you must call for the technician to get them mended. Make no vague attempts to fix things yourself; the warranty of the system covers all these issues.

Scrutinize your solar panels after harsh weather conditions

In most times, natural calamities like storms, tornados, hail storms, or even hurricanes result in panels getting cracked or broken. The broken glasses will thereby lessen the efficiency of the residential solar panel systems.

You can track this either by looking in the glass, i.e., with its appearance or by monitoring the production or performance of your system. If you spot such issues, be fast on notifying your installer, as they will guide you through the further process.

How to amp up the efficiency of solar panels?

Here a few ways in which you can boost the efficiency of your residential solar system.

Removing shades

Shades are a very important agent for the low production of energy. The panels are linked with each other internally, i.e., a single panel has groupings of cells wired for growing the voltage. Thus, even if a small part of the panel is underexposed to sunlight, the whole module will produce less energy.

Shades come in the forms of buildings, trees or chimneys, etc. Though it is not technically possible to relocate buildings or chimneys, you can trim down trees to make the panels avoid blockage as much as possible.

Changing the orientation

Making the solar panels face in a particular direction like east or north, results in the poor generation of power. It is because solar panels are reliant on sunlight, and certain specific positions don’t offer them the correct amount of sunlight.

Many people have suggested that making the solar panels position towards west or south will derive out a great amount of power generation. As facing west will help during summer when there is a high need for electricity. It is still debatable which position can yield the maximum input.

Studies have said that 3-7 pm has the maximum sunlight conversion when panels are faced towards the west. But throughout the year, if you want your system to gain seamless and equivocal energy, then better face them towards the south.

Increasing solar panel size

Be it dust or snow, your solar panels are well-equipped to handle these factors and can generate a sufficient amount of energy needed. But surprisingly, warm temperature acts as a major agent for decreasing the efficiency of the solar panels. It is because high temperature negatively affects the movement of electrons. So, to counter that, you can increase the size of the solar system.


Therefore, if you need your solar panel system to generate energy in a correct manner, then you need to maintain it and keep a check on it properly. You can seek help from GoRunSolar to have your solar system efficiently serviced and maintained.

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