How Can You Identify the Quality of Solar Panel System Retailer / Manufacturer?

Solar Panel System is always a need of homeowners in Australia as it reduces the overall electric energy cost. But when you have a qualitative solar panel system, you can even save more on your home energy bills. The main question is “How to choose the right solar system product for your home?” You might have this question roaming around your head. You are at the right place.

As a top-rated solar system provider in Australia, we have listed out few steps that you should follow to pick the right one for you.

Pick Once, Pick Carefully

When you make a decision to purchase a solar system to get a reduced energy bill and contribute to the environment. You are not simply purchasing a product but beginning a relationship with the product manufacturer and retailer. So, before even start deciding to work with a retailer, take some time to understand their behavior towards consumers, judge its quality and longevity. After all, once you purchase products, you need to be dependent on a brand or retailer for a long time (at least 15-20 years). So, think about warranties and their customer service procedures.

Ensure Customer Support is Available 24X7

No matter how big and reputable the brand name might be, if the company’s presence is not in Australia, the chances of getting quality customer services are less compared to the Australian solar manufactures. However, there might be exceptions too. The majority of Australian solar companies do offer customer support 24X7. So, we suggest you choose Australian solar panel manufacturers over other companies. If your solar retailer doesn’t have a support office in your city or state, please do not entertain that retailer much. There may be a support issue in the future with that retailer.

See the Broad Picture

Generally, the lifespan of a solar panel is about 15-20 years. So, you just need to look for the future because 15-20 years is not a short span for the solar system. Choose a retailer or a manufacturer that has been serving for more than 10-15 years. So, you can judge their behavior and approach towards the solar consumers. So, you wouldn’t need to become a Solar Orphan in the future.

Consider Environmental Factors

The environmental condition is far different from the US and European states. And so the products from international brands may not suitable for the Australian weather. So, choose the product which is recommended by the local solar panel retailers like Go Run Solar.

Never Put All Your Trust on Price Only

Agreed, price is important but not the prime factor all the time. First, ensure all the above factors are fulfilled then after you need to think about the price. You will not be disappointed then. Finding and purchasing a solar panel system on a budget is nice but along with that, you should consider energy efficiency, warranty options, materials, panel specifications, aesthetic value, durability, customer support and more. All of these points play a big role in making a decision of purchasing a new solar system to be mounted on your roof. If you do not have an idea about these considerable factors, you can take help from Go Run Solar experts.


Hope these above factors can help you pick the right solar system for your home and work efficiently for years. Go Run Solar is a leading Australian solar system supplier offering solar installation and repair services at an affordable rate throughout Australia. Need an issue with your solar system or need to install a new solar panel system, we are there for you. Get started by contacting our team today.

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