Why Shopping Malls Should Consider Installing Solar Systems

    Hybrid Solar Systems Brisbane

    Tremendously rising prices for the grid-supplied electricity have placed significant pressure on the Australian businesses, including Brisbane. Especially, in the shopping centres which operate all year round, including Sundays and holidays. For the owners of such commercial property, higher costs mean that there is a strong financial incentive to power electrical appliances using low cost and clean energy available to the occupants.

    From common areas lightings, escalators, automatic doors, elevators to illuminated signage, billboards, Wi-Fi and large air-conditioning units, shopping centres in Brisbane consumes a lot of power. Moreover, the stores and restaurants within the shopping plazas feature a mix of equipment that runs on electricity. The power needed to run all those appliances has to come from somewhere, right?

    As the price of the conventional grid energy rises, so does the cost of the maintaining a comfortable shopping experience. This cost can be controlled by opting for solar installation in Brisbane shopping centres.

    Lower Carbon Footprint

    One of the major benefits of installing solar systems in Brisbane is that the shopping centre has a substantially lower carbon footprint. Reduction in carbon footprint and using solar power in Brisbane has given many shopping centres a competitive edge. The shopping plazas use them as a powerful USP for a growing number of environmentally aware shoppers.

    Financial Benefits

    In general, during daylight hours when shopping centres are busiest, electricity retailers tend to charge highest. Coincidentally, solar systems also tend to generate the maximum power in these peak trading hours. As a result, the entire cost of the electricity cost can be drastically reduced which indirectly yields the financial benefits for the owner and the tenants.

    Moreover, excess energy generated from the solar power in Brisbane can be stored in the batteries for the later use.

    Protection Against Power Outages

    Solar installation in Brisbane shopping centre rooftop can also provide protection against blackouts. The excess electricity produced from the solar power in Brisbane can be stored in solar batteries, large capacitors, flywheels and other devices that store energy for use in the emergencies or when the sun goes down.

    Go Run Solar is the leading company providing solar systems in Brisbane. Contact us today and find out how you can make your shopping centre go green and reduce carbon footprint. Trust us, solar power will definitely yield you more profit than ever before!