Why Invest In A Hybrid Solar Systems For Your Business?

    Hybrid Solar Systems Brisbane

    Over the last few years, the cost of electricity has increased significantly in Brisbane. While on the other hand, the cost of the solar system has reduced, making it an increasingly affordable option for Brisbane businesses. Businesses these days know how solar panels are extremely important for their success and for the reduction of fixed cost.

    Hybrid solar systems have gained an immense popularity among many corporate organizations. The reason behind this is that unlike grid connected systems, they have batteries and back-up generation to provide electricity supply during breakdown and even at night. Hybrid solar systems are best, if your business is located in remote areas where there is limited connection to the grid.

    One of the major reasons for companies to opt for hybrid solar systems is its financial savings. However, the cost and ROI of a solar system vary greatly, depending on a number of factors, including: amount of energy consumption, location of your company and agreement with your electricity provider.

    As a general thumb rule, solar energy is particularly useful for businesses with high daytime electricity use as you can offset the peak electricity prices with a solar energy system. However, with hybrid solar systems, you can store this energy for later use. The cost of commercial solar power systems installations depends on a number of different factors including, system size, type of solar panels being installed, complex installations and funding available to your industry.

    The good news is that the federal government has granted funds for the solar systems project implementation. One of them is a Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STCs) and the other is Large scale Generation Certificates (LGCs). While STCs applies to the systems under 100kW, LGCs are applicable to systems over 100kW.

    Go Run Solar offers a complete obligation free quote and business case assessment to ensure commercial solar power systems deliver significant electricity savings to your business and will assist you in cutting operation costs before we propose any hybrid solar system for your Melbourne business.

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