Why and How Often One Should Clean the Residential Solar System?

    Residential Solar System

    This post is for those who want to know “how to clean solar panels?” People can easily take advantage of the sunlight and make the cleanest energy. The only requirement is you have to install solar panels on your building roof. Just install the system on your terrace, connect the wires with solar batteries and start getting solar energy. That’s not enough, sir. You must need to take care of your system.

    But, what about the cleaning of solar panels? Solar panels are work on sun rays, which hit solar panels and panels convert them into energy. This simply states that “The more time panels exposed to sun, the more energy you can get through solar panels. It is not only exposed to sun, but also sand particles, rain, bird droppings, dust, and so on….

    You have to do proper cleaning to get continuously clean and green energy.

    Why it is necessary to clean solar panels?

    • There are numerous reasons to clean solar panels.
    • You can get good working condition by cleaning it.
    • It increases the performance of the panels. (As per our recent reports, “30 to 40 percentage work efficiency of solar panels is increased after cleaning.”)
    • You can directly get different energy before and after cleaning.
    • Regular cleaning can protect the solar cell’s life as long as possible up to 25 to 30 years.
    • You can get an opportunity to examine your solar panels by yourself. And get assure about its good condition.

    Why solar panels Cannot Get Cleaned it by self?

    All we think that solar panels can easily be cleaned by rain or wind. But this is not what you think. It may need a little help to get it cleaned.

    The rainwater is not clean water, you can also find out to have a film (layer) on it after the rain. All you need is you have to need to clean it properly by self or by someone.

    What is the Process to Clean the Solar Panel?

    There is a huge market for solar panels in Australia. As many companies provide installation as well as cleaning services for their customer. Some people clean their solar panels by themselves. On the other side, many people looking for a cleaning service because they don’t get in trouble by climbing on the roof and clean it properly. But one noticeable thing is that the money you spend on cleaning will give you energy efficiency benefits on it.

    Things You Should Keep in Mind While Cleaning Solar Panels

    • The manufacturer’s directions for cleaning are the best way for self-cleaning. You can also ask about recommendations or warnings for cleaning.
    • Try to avoid mid-day time, because panels are very hot in the sunshine. You can choose the early morning or dusk time.
    • All you need is warm, soapy water, or (cleaning solution), soft cloth, sponge. Use your sponge to wash it and simply wipe it out.
    • Do not use any sharp or angular thing to wash solar panels.

    How Many Times I Should Clean Solar Panels?

    It depends on where you live and where the panels are located. Many solar manufacturers recommend cleaning the solar panel system twice a year to maintain efficiency. But when you noticed too much dirt on a Residential solar system in Brisbane, you should clean it as soon as possible.

    If you are looking to get Solar Power Installation services in Brisbane; you can count on us. Just share your requirements with us; we would reply with a reliable solution.