What Is Hybrid Solar System & How to Get It Installed in Brisbane


    Conventionally, battery backup systems have been used either in standalone mode or off-grid mode that didn’t connect to the electric mode. However, with the rapidly evolving technology and reduced battery prices, hybrid solar systems have become an attainable option where the grid can be connected to the solar system. Since not everyone knows about hybrid solar systems in Brisbane, they often opt for the on or off-grid solar system.

    The residential hybrid solar system is a progressive combination of both on/off-grid that come with spare battery storage that comes in handy when the solar panel has to deal with complete darkness. You won’t have to rely solely on the power grid since the solar batteries would have stored enough energy to supply electricity.

    Hybrid solar power systems are very similar to the grid system except that they store energy that can be used later. The most advanced residential solar systems use an all-in-one battery inverter which contains a battery inverter along with a solar inverter.

    Is a hybrid solar system in Brisbane affordable?

    There are different size batteries available for hybrid solar systems. The price will vary depending on how many batteries you need. The rate for a 6.6kW hybrid solar panel with an average-sized battery will cost at least 3 times that of a traditional 6.6kW solar panel.

    However, you will save money with a hybrid system because you can sell any extra reserved energy back to the grid for money. If you don’t need the reserved energy, then you can sell it back to the national grid through a FIT (Feed-In-Tariff). The price for this will vary based on which retailer you go with, so look around before deciding.

    What to look for in a Hybrid Solar System?

    The longevity of the system will depend largely on the battery. Selecting a battery that fits your budget and grid system is important. For residential usage, it’s best to start with a small size and get more if required.

    There are two kinds of batteries you can go for; either a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion battery. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper, but they have a shorter lifespan than the latter one. Lithium-ion batteries are heavier and require more space but they have a longer lifespan and are more advanced.

    How does a residential solar system work?

    In a nutshell, when sunlight particles separate electrons from the atoms, the solar panel absorbs them and converts them into usable energy. But it’s obviously not as simple as that sounds. A resident that is connected to the electrical grid will have a utility meter that your electricity provider uses to measure and provide power to your house.

    If you install solar panels, then they get connected to your utility meter. How much energy is produced through the panels can be measured with the help of this meter.

    The solar panels have photovoltaic cells that trap the sunlight to convert it into DC or Direct Current energy. Most home appliances use AC current to work, hence the solar inverter then converts the DC energy to AC energy. Now let’s break down how this process works.

    Every solar panel, also known as a solar module, has a layer of silicon cells, a metal frame, and a glass case that covers the top. Silicon, being a non-metal with good conductive properties, absorbs the sunlight and then converts it into electricity. The science behind solar energy generating current is called the “photovoltaic effect”. It’s the process of the sunlight interacting with the silicon cells which produces an electric current.

    The glass casing offers protection to the inner layers in more ways than one. Under this glass protective layer, there’s insulation and a shielding back sheet that protects the inner cells from humidity and extreme heat. The panel also has an anti-reflective coating to make sure the cells receive maximum sunlight.

    How to clean and maintain the panels?

    As with any other home appliance, a bit of cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep the system running smoothly. Keep it in my mind that hybrid solar systems don’t require rigorous cleaning. Here are some things to keep in mind while trying to clean the panels-

    • If you don’t know what equipment you might need, getting a DIY solar panel cleaning kit might be best for you. The box will have a biodegradable soap, a brush, and a wiper at the very least. These will work fine for you in case you don’t want to get more.
    • Wipe the panel after heavy rain to ensure dirt and grime don’t stick to them. The encrusted dirt will hamper the absorption of sunlight.
    • While cleaning the glass encasing, don’t use abrasive brushes or fabrics as that might scratch the glass, damaging the anti-reflexive coating.
    • Depending on the type of system you have and the weather in your area, you might need to do a cleaning once a month or thrice a year.

    Maintenance tips for your residential hybrid solar panel system:

    • While installing the panels, make sure there’s no shade over the panels.
    • If you cannot clean or do maintenance work, you can always get in touch with a solar panel cleaning company.
    • Instead of soap and water, you can just use a hose to wash the dirt off of it.
    • Monitor the rack system that holds your panels to the roof. If there’s any leakage or damage, get professional help instead of trying to fix it yourself.
    • You don’t have to clean the panels every time it rains, but check after severe storms and heavy rain.
    • Monitor the production of energy every once in a while to make sure they are as efficient as ever. The online monitors will allow you to browse through the energy production and spending.

    Advantages of installing a Hybrid Solar System in Brisbane

    There are various ways in which a hybrid solar system is more beneficial than traditional on-grid or off-grid systems; efficiency being one of them. If you have been struggling to make decide, then here is a list of advantages to help you-

    • Brisbane is known for its glorious sunlight and dry weather. The panels will get plenty of sunlight to work with as well as to store for later use. The stored energy can be sold to the national grid through the Feed-In-Tariff plans.
    • The system works non-stop to generate energy. More often than not, the batteries store plenty of excess energy that will come in handy if you face storms and unexpected power cuts in your area.
    • Traditional solar systems require more maintenance and hence cost you more, as compared to hybrid solar systems. Traditional systems also require rigorous cleaning, while the hybrid system requires you to clean it only a handful of times throughout the year.
    • The traditional generators supply high-power as soon as they are switched on, but the hybrid system adjusts the power and supplies load according to the devices it’s connected to. This makes sure there’s no short circuit or accident.

    Reasons to install Residential Hybrid Solar Panel System

    In case you have doubts, here are several reasons to get a hybrid solar system for your house in Brisbane:

    • You will save on your electricity bill and will also get good FIT plans to get your money back.
    • Since Australia is well-known for its sunshine; you will get plenty of sunshine and energy to run most of your electrical appliances through the solar grid.
    • Depending on your grid system, it can last from 7 to 15 years without a hitch.
    • Some electricity networks will tell you that the on-grid and off-grid systems will have restrictions on them because their grid can’t handle that. With a hybrid system, you won’t have to worry about any such limitations. The inverter will take care of all this.
    • A proper hybrid grid will safely disconnect your house from the electrical grid if there’s a sudden power outage or voltage up-down. This makes sure there’s no accident.
    • These systems reduce carbon footprint. Unlike generators, you get no annoying sounds and need no additional fuels.
    • They are eco-friendly and are the cleanest way of producing electricity.

    Are Hybrid Solar Systems Programmable?

    A huge benefit of residential hybrid systems and commercial solar systems is that you can program the systems to take care of unexpected circumstances. If the electricity generated from the sunlight is inadequate to run your appliances along with charging the batteries, the system will refill itself from the grid when a low off-peak current is available.

    Additionally, when your electricity consumption exceeds a certain threshold limit, electricity networks can charge you extra. In this case, your residential hybrid solar system will switch to “peak looping” to balance the power consumption.

    Frequently Asked Questions!

    1. Will the hybrid grid keep my house electricity on when there’s a power outage?

    Yes, most of the hybrid systems are programmed to keep the electricity running when there’s a sudden power outage or voltage fluctuations. All systematically built systems will have this option.

    1. How many models are available in hybrid solar systems?

    There are various models for hybrid systems, starting from 1kW. You can choose from- 2kW system, 3kW system, 5kW system, 8kW system, 10kW system. If you are getting a commercial hybrid solar system installed, then getting a 10kW hybrid system is advisable. The cost will vary with each model.

    1. What kinds of solar panel systems are available in the market?

    There are various solar systems that are suitable for both commercial use as well as residential use:

    1. Hybrid Solar Inverter
    2. Off-grid Solar System
    3. Hybrid Battery Interface
    4. Energy Storage System or ESS
    5. UPS System or Back-up Storage
    6. Each system has its own limitations and benefits, which will affect the cost and maintenance.
    7. What’s The Key Difference Between An Off-Grid System And A Hybrid Solar System?

    An off-grid solar system won’t connect to your utility electricity grid. You will rely completely on solar energy. The hybrid system will connect to your grid and hence is more reliable if you want a system for a longer period. If you are considering an off-grid system, it would be smart to have a backup generator in case your locality faces poor weather or power fluctuations frequently.


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