I Want to Add Batteries in Solar System, What’s Right Time to Do It?

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    According to the Australian Energy Council report, around 15% of Australian household has installed a solar system at their home. This shows that the solar revolution has begun in Australia. That means around 1.6 million homes have been producing their own solar energy and reducing carbon footprint & electricity bills.

    For the last couple of years, you might have been realizing that the prices for retail electricity have been increased gradually. While solar energy is an affordable source of electricity. Today an average household pays more than 25c per kWh electricity and gets only 6-10c per kWh for exporting the solar energy back into the grid.

    This gap may disappoint many households and sometimes frustrating them too. Now just think, how much bucks you can save through FiT from your solar system?

    It seems like it’s better to store energy than exporting to the main grid. So, what’s the solution to store energy? Simple, Solar Batteries.

    Let’s start with Understanding the Benefits of Solar Battery Storage:

    Including a battery to your solar system is a good way to use solar energy as it allows you to store surplus solar electricity that panels installed on the roof generate. Thus, you can consume solar energy later in day or night. Isn’t it a great idea to save money on electricity?

    According to Solar system experts, if you add a 4kWh battery to your 5kW residential solar energy system, you can get benefits of 30 to 60% higher solar-generated energy to run home utilities.

    Is Solar Battery Expensive for Me?

    Gone are the days when purchasing solar batteries wasn’t in most of the homeowners’ budget. But Thanks to the advanced technology, batteries are now becoming a feasible option for the homeowners.

    Within 2007 to 2014, the battery price fell by around 15% every year and now expecting a further reduction in price in the nearer future. According to the analysis of our solar energy system analysts, more than half of solar households will install solar batteries within the next 10 years.

    How Does a Solar Battery Make Sense for Me?

    If you’re interested in reducing electricity bills & saving money through the solar system, you must adopt a solar storage system. It may be a great way to reduce the carbon footprint. Now, you have 3 reasons to choose solar storage system and hope this makes sense for you.

    This sounds a financial decision and so, considering the cost of a storage system is an important factor. One thing is sure that you will never get disappointed in spending money on a solar storage system. However, we recommend you to get advice from reputable sellers like us to make a final decision on installing a solar battery to your system. This way you can know which option is well suited for you as per your needs.

    Can You Advise me on Installation Labor Cost?

    This is quite an important question as you have spent dollars in hundreds on a solar storage system. However, it’s a simple process but not for everyone’s piece of cake. You can consider it an electrical project rather than a roofing project.

    Several battery retailers provide installation costs for free if you purchase a battery from them and some of them charge you little for the installation. However, it depends on your existing solar panel system structure. Like if you want to replace the inverter then the charges will be higher as it may take a longer time. Remember, technicians, charge you per hour.


    As the price of retail electricity has been increasing gradually, homeowners in Australia seek an alternative option. And it’s solar storage system (Solar Batteries). In nutshell, when the solar system battery cost is lower than your electricity costs of 10 years, it’s a time to add a solar battery into your solar system. Do you need even a simpler explanation for it?

    No matter what kind of solar system you have installed on the roof, Go Run Solar is here to get you the right solar battery for you. Our team provides installation services as well. Contact us today to get a free quote on a solar battery that can be suitable for your existing solar system.