Solar System Maintenance Guide: Follow & Maximize the Power Output

    Solar System Maintenance Guide

    Are you living in Australia and recently installed a new solar system in your home? Couldn’t your solar panel generate energy like before? Want to increase the energy output and the lifespan of solar panels? Here is a guide for you. This can be tricky but possible to improve the output at a certain level.

    The solar panels are specially designed for long term work & are automated. So, it’s hard to identify the issues. Fixing them are costly too.

    Let’s have a look at the guide to maintain the solar panel systems.

    Make Sure Your Solar Panels aren’t Under the Shade.

    As a homeowner, you must check your solar panels at least once a month. It might be possible that your solar panels could be facing shading issues because of construction nearby or branches of trees. Needless to say, the shading issues definitely reduce energy output. Just imagine, a branch of a tree falls off on your solar panels; your panels may get damaged and need for either replacement or repairs. In the end, you need to pay for the damages.

    It’s better to trim the growing branches of trees at a regular interval of time to avoid shading issues. Many solar panel installation services providers offer such trimming services to help customers to get maximum energy output. If your solar panels are in the shade due to the construction nearby; in that case, you have the only option left “move the solar panels to another spot”.

    The calculation of energy output is different. Yes, it’s true. For example, if ¼ of the solar panel is under the shade most of the time in a day; you aren’t getting loss of just ¼ of energy output. You are likely loosing approx. half of the output or more than that.

    Keep The Solar Panels Cleaned & Dust Free.

    Generally, solar systems are self-cleaning. However, there could be some factors such as dust, tree leaves, bird dropping and construction material that cause harm to energy output. Depending on the location of solar panels installed & the climate, you might face energy generation issues due to at least one of the above issues.

    Some locations where wind flows continuously; dust problems are there. So, people living in such locations should have to clean the panels at a regular interval of time.

    Cleaning solar panels is not easy it seems. The main purpose is to get the panel as clean as possible so, they can absorb heat as possible as it should be. Ensure no scratches on the glass while cleaning; otherwise, it may damage to panels and so, output. It requires less effort to clean the panels if you clean it regularly. Cleaning with a hose can be a good and quite easy job as it removes the dust. But there’re some stubborn bird droppings and dirt; you need to clean it with water and a soft cloth.

    You must avoid soap & other liquid materials that may damage the panel class.

    Don’t Forget to Record Performance & Analyze the Data

    Do you what’s a good way to measure solar panel efficiency? It’s recording the output on a daily basis. When the weather changes, you will see the reduction in sunlight and so in your record book as well. You should mark such days with reduced energy output to identify the days which are not good to produce solar energy. There are many apps & monitoring software that could help you make the analysis report in less time. This way you can see the performance data of a solar system.

    During the fall season, you may see reduced energy output data because of the fallen leaves on the solar panels.

    Check the Solar Panels At Least Once in a Year:

    Believe it or not, Solar panels don’t need a closed examination every month. It’s ok to check once in a year. YES, once in a year not in once in a decade. You should check for wear and tear or any kind of electric faults or damages.

    Read the manual given by the manufacturer while purchasing; it will help you find the error and also save money on fixing as well. Through the manual, you can easily read the inverter display. If any fault is there; you can easily identify it. If it shows something abnormal, you can call the experts to fix it.

    Remember, most of the solar panels come with more than 10 years warranty; so, you don’t need to worry during the warranty periods. Even you can enhance the warranty period as well.

    Hope, these above maintenance tips will help you keep the solar panels working fine for a longer time & maximize the energy output. Go Run Solar offers high-quality solar panel systems maintenance services in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Give us a call today for solar system repairs and installation. Let’s discuss your concerns at 1300 856 678. We would love to hear from you.