Solar Energy Systems Components, You Should Know About

    When you think about solar energy systems, the picture that comes in your mind immediately is rectangular plates installed on a home roof – Solar Panels. But, these are many more components than just solar panels. Multiple brands make solar panel components. Some of them can offer very unique and genuine products that can improve your system’s performance. No worry, we are here to help.

    We have covered the main components of the solar energy system so, you can understand the importance of such components. Read on and enjoy. Need solar energy system related queries; email at

    Solar Panels

    These are the most visible elements of a solar system that’s why people consider it like a solar system. In short, they are the “FACE” of the system. Without solar panels, there is no absorption of sun rays possible. In short, the solar panels are key components that can generate DC (Direct Current) electricity as sunlight.

    Remember, Sun rays are responsible for generating electricity, not sun heat. The panels simulate the electrons to circulate randomly through cells (already in-built in panels). Overheated solar panels are no longer efficient as it should be. So, you must choose a panel that can durable and strong enough to withstand against warm weather in Australia for at least 25 years.

    Mainly two types of Solar panels are available in the market – Mono crystalline (darker in color) and poly crystalline. Both have their perks and so, getting help from the solar panel expert is essential to pick the right one for your requirements.

    As we know, the solar system is a long term investment and the performance of panel matters a lot. Hundreds of companies are dumping cheap solar panel products in the Australian market. But here we aren’t talking about long-term investment. Cheapest products can function for just 5 years.

    Once you have chosen durable, standard and strong solar panels, you don’t need to worry about your solar system anymore. It’s like you have won 80% of the battle.


    Another crucial part of the solar system is Inverter. The main purpose of inverters is to convert DC electricity (produced through solar panels) into AC electricity. After all, all our home utilities function on AC power. Believe it or not, the inverter is one of the most functioning equipments that work throughout the lifetime of a system. That’s why it tends to be equipment likely to have defects. The maximum warranty for the inverters is just 10 years so, pick the branded one instead cheap one

    Two types of inverters available in the market – Mocrio inverters & String Inverters. String inverters are mostly installed in the shaded area of a home and widely used in residential buildings. While micro inverters are installed on the back of panels means each panel has its inverter.

    In string inverter, you can notice overall performance decrement if any single solar panel fails to deliver the best performance. What’s the solution. A micro inverter is a solution but it’s costlier.


    Racking/mounting is the 3rd important component. Mounting solar panels on a roof is not everyone’s piece of cake. Reputable installation services provider like us recommend Australian brands like Sunlock & radiant. Several companies rely only on quantity, not quality work that means their purpose is to install maximum solar panels in a day instead of worrying about “is it done properly?” Such cheap & non-accredited installers may leave holes, unarranged live wires & other safety violations. In short, they put your home at risk.

    On the other end, the CEC accredited and professional installers like Go Run Solar take extra time to ensure the right process is followed.


    The last but not the least is Batteries. They are widely used to store power generated through the daytime to be used during the night. The battery is a feasible solution to store energy and use it in the night. However, the price of a battery is quite high but worth it as it saves your money for not using the energy coming from the main grid to run home utilities in the night. You can store excessive energy into a battery and use it in case of a power outage.

    These 4 elements are crucial for the long-life of a solar panel system. So, you must choose them carefully. You should take help from the solar panel system expert – Go Run Solar. We would love to hear from you and help you in the best possible way.