Give Me Valid Reason for Not to Ignore Solar Panel System Installation

    Solar Panel System Installation

    For the last 1 decade, solar energy has been rising in Australia. Alone in 2017, more than 3M solar panels were installed on the roofs of homes. It is expected that more than 55% of homes will have a solar system on the roof. Planning to switch on solar energy, this is a wonderful time for you. Have a look at our previous article “Why Spring is the best seasons to get Solar System Installed at Home?”

    The very first question would come in your mind that “Why I Install Solar System at Home and What Are the Benefits of it?”

    Don’t worry, we are here to answer you. Go through the below advantages and/reasons that will surely make you convinced for installing a standard solar system.

    Help You Reduce the Energy Bills

    All we want a reduced energy bill at the end of the month. A reduced bill always gives us peace of mind. The biggest reason for moving towards solar energy is a reduced electricity bill. Because once the solar system has been installed; the energy produced through it is FREE. Along with this, you can also protect yourself from the increasing cost of electricity and carbon tax too.

    Do you know that an average household saves around AUD 2000 per year after setting up the solar system at home? In short, solar systems can reduce carbon footprint and home utility energy costs.

    You can Get Incentive from Government too

    Generally, the Australian government rewards households who consume solar energy instead of conventional energy by offering huge monetary incentives and other benefits too. The solar rebate reduces the cost of solar through Small-scale Technology certificates (STCs). In other terms, these are a form of solar energy currency. This also represents the unit of solar energy. The number of STCs you collect depends on the Capacity (Kilowatts) of a solar system, how much electricity it can generate and also a location you are living.

    You will get around 19 STCs per kilowatt of the solar system installed on your roof. You will receive these STCs in advance. So, when you go for purchasing a solar system; you will get a good discount on installation costs due to STCs.

    Isn’t it a good deal?

    Easy to Earn Money

    Your quick reaction could be “HOW?

    Solar power system doesn’t only reduce the energy bills & gain incentives from the government. You can earn extra income for having a solar system. If you are generating solar power in a large amount; you can sell it to energy retailers and/or to other households through peer-to-peer trading.

    Increase the R-value of Your Home:

    Because of increasing demand for energy-efficient houses in Australia, people love to purchase a home which is equipped with all the facilities including solar power system. This way, a solar system can increase the value of your home.

    Real estate experts believe that the more solar panel systems installed on a roof, the higher the resale value of a house. The value of a home may increase around AUD 6000/ kilowatt of solar energy.

    If a 5kW solar panel system is installed at your home, your home retail value may increase AUD 28,000 or above. So, if you are investing in solar panel systems; you are investing in your beautiful home.

    Need Little Maintenance:

    A solar system requires little to no maintenance compared to other renewable energy sources. Other sources include hypo power and wind-energy systems. The solar panels don’t only require smaller set-up and but also require no maintenance; only an annual inspection & clean. As the solar system has no moving parts, there is very little chance of becoming faulty & broken. At Go Run Solar, we only provide genuine and highest performing equipment.

    Better for Personal Health & Environment:

    When the electricity produces through conventional sources like coal, gases and crude oils; it produces a large number of carbon footprints and then they are released in the air. On the other end, solar energy doesn’t release CO2 and carcinogens. Needless to say, such kinds of chemical reactions create havoc on the earth’s environment.

    As CO2 and other greenhouses gases don’t get released in the air while producing energy through solar power, the quality of air doesn’t go low. More the usage of solar power, the lower the cases of respiratory, chronic bronchitis & other similar problems.

    Still, need more valid reasons to install a solar system at your roof? Contact us today at 1300 856 678 or simply drop a message at We would love to answer all your queries.