Why Shopping Malls Should Consider Installing Solar Systems

Tremendously rising prices for the grid-supplied electricity have placed significant pressure on the Australian businesses, including Brisbane. Especially, in the shopping centres which operate all year round, including Sundays and holidays. For the owners of such commercial property, higher costs mean that there is a strong financial incentive to power electrical appliances using low cost […]Read More

How installing 5kw solar systems in Brisbane can Yield You Great Returns?

There’s no denying it. Though Brisbane has unpredictable weather condition, there’s ample solar energy to make solar systems a great investment for your homes and offices. 5kw solar systems have proven to be one of the most sought-after solar systems in Brisbane. It is ideal for the household and companies having energy consumption relatively low below 4,200 kWh […]Read More


Why Mono Perc?

With PERC solar cells, mono modules are generating higher power outputs than we have ever seen on the mainstream market – up to 10% more power than older technology. How is this possible? How does it work? PERC technology creates higher power outputs by allowing more light to penetrate the cell. Older cell technologies focused […]Read More

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