Is it Worth to Install a Solar Energy System at Home in Australia?

    Since solar energy has been invented; people have been started using solar energy instead of conventional energy made for coal and other sources. However, many people in Australia do not have enough knowledge about the solar energy system but need a solution to the cost of energy desperately. No worries, Go Run Solar is here to help to better understand whether solar energy is a worthy investment for your home or not.

    How Much Electricity Do You Use Daily & How Much You Pay for it?

    The answer to the question “Is solar energy system worth for my home?” is depended on how much you pay for the electricity in Australia. Each state has different rates for energy consumption. Generally, you pay to a utility company for consuming electricity measured in Kilowatt-hour (kWh) and the rate varies depending on the utility company and where you live. Mostly, the price varies between 8 cents to 20 cents per kWh. In some places, you will pay more than 20 cents.

    This means a homeowner with maximum electricity rates per kWh is the one who can save the maximum amount when he switches to run home using solar energy. If you can use the solar calculator (freely available on the Internet) to get information about how much a solar system can save.

    What’s the Cost for Solar Panel System?

    The solar equipment and installation charges vary depending on the quality and company of the solar product you choose for installation. The installing low-quality solar panel systems might be the easiest option to save a few bucks but not a feasible solution, right? On the other end, your whole savings will be higher if you invest in the right direction. So, it’s worth taking time to review the equipment options & pick the right combination of quality and price for your home. Meet Go Run Solar sales representative today to get the right combination of Solar panel system that is affordable.

    Research on solar incentives & rebates to get your solar system lesser a price. The government offers 30% solar system tax credit & in few states provides additional invectives to the residents. One more thing, you can earn money by transmitting additional energy to the main power grid. Yes, energy companies pay you for transferring solar power to the main grid so, at the end of the month; your energy bill will be lower because of the amount you have earned through Feed-in Tariff (FiT).

    I hope the last point will inspire you to install the solar energy system and have a better idea about how solar energy beneficial to you.

    Yes, this is enough to install a solar system on the roof but don’t have enough money to pay for equipment and installation charges. What should I do? Leasing is an alternative option for you.

    Solar Panel Systems on Finance:

    You have two options either pay the full amount and buy the whole system or get it on finance. If you have enough money to buy the system in cash; you will get the maximum benefits in terms of saving money than other options. You can also save bucks on getting a system with a $0 down the solar loan. So, in both cases, you can save money and contribute to making the world greener by not using energy generated through conventional resources.

    Interested to purchase and install a solar system through the finance option; meet our sales expert today. We will make things easier to get the solar system with finance options and provide you with benefits associated with it.

    Solar Panel Prices are Affordable & Available with Batteries too:

    Yes, you are reading right. Due to technology advancements, the price of a solar panel system is lower than ever before. Today, each system is built with battery ready capabilities. These batteries store the excess power generated through the solar system and then you can use it during the night time or on overcast days. Isn’t it a good idea to save bucks on monthly energy bills? However, this technology is new and still much advancement is yet to come. Keep your sharp eye on the new technology; it might possible that you will get even a better feasible solution to saving many bucks.

    At Go Run Solar, we provide you solar panel system and also installation services at an affordable rate so, you don’t need to purchase equipment from different places. In the end, it will save you time and get an affordable system with maintenance services too. Dial the number (1300 856 678) or get a free quote for the solar system and start saving on your energy bill.