Hybrid Solar System – Everything You Ought To Know

Hybrid Solar System – Who doesn’t hate the increasing tariff of grid electricity? With the increasing tariff and awareness of global warming, people nowadays are switching to solar power. Solar power not only offers you the opportunity to reduce carbon footprint but to also become energy sufficient by taking the electricity production and consumption into your own hands.

One of the biggest decisions to make while installing a solar system is to choose between the on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar system. While on one hand, where an on-grid solar system doesn’t allow storing excess electricity and the off-grid system doesn’t allow having the guaranteed supply of grid, hybrid solar system overcomes the limitations of both the solar systems and allows you to enjoy the benefits of both.

So, if you ever thought that why you aren’t able to get all the electricity from your solar system, store it and bid adieu to local power companies, then “Hybrid Solar System” is the perfect solution for you. Let’s take a deeper look at the hybrid solar system.

Hybrid Solar System – To Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

The hybrid solar system is a blend of grid-connected and storage-ready batteries that offers constant electricity supply, all time. You receive the guaranteed electricity supply of the grid with the capability to store the excess solar power in a battery for later use. You also have the option to switch to your own battery, when the grid goes down.

As compared to the off-grid system, the hybrid solar system is less expensive and doesn’t require diesel back-up too. Though it is way more expensive than the standard on-grid system, the benefits of solar batteries outshine the initial expense.

From providing backup power to reducing maximum demand, hybrid solar systems can be configured to meet several situations, including

  • Rural off-grid systems
  • Power quality filtering and correction
  • Backup power supply
  • Load shaving to reduce maximum demand
  • Load shifting to maximise the time of use metering

Why Do You Need To Store Solar Energy In A Battery?

Many local power companies have reduced the solar FIT (Feed In Tariff). This has reduced the efficiency of the grid-tied solar systems as most of the people work during the day and not able to utilise the generated solar electricity. This leads them to feed the generated electricity into the grid for very little credit.

While a hybrid solar system stores the excess produced energy and allows you to use it in the evening when the rate of grid electricity is usually at the peak rate. It works in a similar manner as an off-grid power system, but the required battery capacity is far less. You need a battery enough to cover peak consumption, usually 8 hours or less.

Why Should You Consider Installing Hybrid Solar Systems Instead of Regular Solar Systems?

1. Keep The Electricity Flowing When The Grid Goes Down

When the failure of the grid is detected, standard grid-tied solar systems shut down immediately. This is done to protect any workers repairing the wires outside your place. The workers can be injured with your solar system sending the current while they’re still working on the electricity cables in your street.

While on the other hand, a properly designed hybrid solar system safely disconnects your connection from the grid during the power outage and turns your home into a little mini-grid. This allows you to use the electricity during black-outs when your neighborhoods are still waiting for the power to come back.

2. Get The Energy Bill Down

When you opt for the hybrid solar system, you can store excess solar-generated electricity and use it as required later. By storing the excess electricity instead of feeding it back into the grid helps you to minimize your reliance on your utility electricity provider.

After all, why feed the generated solar electricity into the grid for half or less the price you pay to your electricity provider. Simply, by initially investing in the installation of a battery, you can get your energy bill even to $0.

3. Overcome Export Limits Imposed By Local Electricity Network

Many local electricity providers have strict restrictions on maximum solar system sizes. They claim that their grid cannot handle the additional electricity that larger solar systems provider. This often forces homeowners to install a much smaller solar power system than they need to offset their energy bills.

The hybrid solar system is the best way to rescue this situation. All you need is to install a smart inverter that works with your battery and you are good to go. You can configure these hybrid inverters to have the highest export rate. For instance, if your solar system produces 10kW electricity, you can export 2kW to the grid and store rest 8kW electricity into your batteries for later use. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Can Batteries Be Added To Regular Grid-Tied Solar Systems?

Yes, you absolutely can!

With the advent of technology, home battery storage systems are becoming more and more affordable. This has lead most of the homeowners in Brisbane to consider adding batteries to their existing solar system.

This allows homeowners to store their solar generated electricity and use it as back-ups instead of exporting it to the grid and perhaps getting a low FIT.

To make your existing solar system compatible with batteries, it is highly recommended to have a solar system of at least 6.6kW. This enables you to produce enough electricity to charge your batteries when the weather is overcast and in winter.

If your present solar system is under 6.6kW in size, consider adding more solar panels to it. And, for this, you need to increase the size of the inverter too. It is wise to oversize your solar panel array to your inverter. You can always take the advice of your installer on whether your inverter needs to be upgraded based on your battery size, household energy usage and your local climate.

One of the easiest and effective ways to retrofit batteries to your present solar system is – “AC coupling”. Within this technique, you don’t have to touch the existing solar wiring and simply connect the battery into your home’s existing AC circuit.

The Economics of Hybrid solar Systems

With technology advancement and in the highly competitive market, hybrid solar systems are rapidly becoming cheaper than using grid electricity with standard retail tariffs. Rather than investing in an on-grid or off-grid solar system, investment in hybrid solar system delivers great savings and returns.

There are added benefits of having electricity from a stable and clean source and will also keep providing consistent electricity, even in the event of a blackout. Listed below are some of the economic benefits of hybrid solar systems.

  • Savings on energy bills
  • Credit on power bill for the electricity you supply to the grid
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Several advantages from reduced emissions and lower carbon footprint

Why Choose Gorun Solar For Hybrid Solar Systems?

Since its inception in 2012, Gorun Solar is at the forefront of the most innovative solutions in solar technology. When you hire us to design and install a hybrid solar system for your home, you get the benefits of accredited installers, top quality products, highly skilled engineers and generous warranties.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to our experts to find out if a hybrid solar system is the right choice for you.

Become Energy Independent – Invest in Hybrid Solar System

Global warming is ringing the alarm bells. Now is the only time when we need to take some serious action to avert the catastrophe. With the growing energy crisis and fuel cost escalation, we are desperately looking for the alternative energy resources. One such cleanest and the abundant energy source is solar energy.

With an aim to enable every one with the decentralised and cost-effective energy solutions, we at GoRunSolar have been providing our clients with the efficient and reliable solar system installation.   We believe that ultimately this will free our world from the dependence on fossil fuels for the basic need, electricity.

Solar System Installation Makes your House a Smart Energy Home!

When you opt for our solar system installation, you can use the solar energy you generate during the day and also store it for the later use at night. This, in fact, saves from the increasing prices of the electricity. The hybrid solar system allows you to store excess solar energy for later use. It enables you to

  • Lower your electricity bill
  • Increase your electricity independence
  • Reduces your environmental impact
  • Access to electricity during power cut-off

Tailor Made Solar Systems Solutions That Suits Your Needs

We at GoRunSolar understand that every house has their unique energy requirements. Thus we design the system that can be adapted to your energy needs. From planning to solar system installation and maintenance, we ensure to get you the maximum performance at the minimum investment. With us, you can have your complete peace of mind as all our installers are CEC accredited and industry–trained.

All our components are certified to the highest standards of quality and safety. Still not convinced? All our solar panels come with 25 years of performance warranty that gives you added peace of mind.

You would be surprised to know that if we are able to free ourselves from the dependency of fossil fuels; within the next 10 years we will be able to protect our environment. It’s time to declare your energy independence today! For any further inquiry about our hybrid solar systems, feel free to get in touch with us at 1300856678

Hybrid Solar System – The Future of Renewable Energy At Home

The good part about technology is that there are ways of energy conservation with us. Solar power conservation is one of the most important ones amongst them. The solar energy can be stored in multiple ways and then utilized. One of them is a hybrid solar system. Let us discover more about it here.

What is a Hybrid Solar System?

In this type of system, the batteries are used to store energy for later use. The power is generated in the same way as any common grid-tie solar system. The term hybrid is used to indicate the two sources solar and battery storage.

Is there any need to store the solar energy in a battery? Yes, absolutely. The freest source of energy we have is the Sun. We must use its power as much as we can to produce conservable energy.

Most of us work in daylight so the instant energy produced is of little use. Instead, it can be stored for future usage. The vital part is it can play to be the power supply backup at times of blackout with EPS set up.  You can store solar energy and use it when you require.

Advantages of Hybrid Solar System

  • Low-cost energy production
  • Availability of power during blackouts
  • Enabling of advanced energy management
  • Reduces conventional power consumption

Yes, the cost involved might be higher, but the long-term perks are better. It is mainly the batteries that cost much. Also, the solar energy fluctuates so the generation capacity must be maintained.

There are various hybrid solar systems in the marketplace. Each one may differ based on the manufacturer and distributor as well as electricity network operators. As per your usage, you can opt for all-in-one hybrid systems or advanced grid-interactive systems. Overall, many studies have also been conducted and it is found that by hybridizing the system the energy generation cost can be reduced. You can find more information on our website gorunsolar.com.au

Why Invest In A Hybrid Solar Systems For Your Business?

Over the last few years, the cost of electricity has increased significantly in Brisbane. While on the other hand, the cost of the solar system has reduced, making it an increasingly affordable option for Brisbane businesses. Businesses these days know how solar panels are extremely important for their success and for the reduction of fixed cost.

Hybrid solar systems have gained an immense popularity among many corporate organizations. The reason behind this is that unlike grid connected systems, they have batteries and back-up generation to provide electricity supply during breakdown and even at night. Hybrid solar systems are best, if your business is located in remote areas where there is limited connection to the grid.

One of the major reasons for companies to opt for hybrid solar systems is its financial savings. However, the cost and ROI of a solar system vary greatly, depending on a number of factors, including: amount of energy consumption, location of your company and agreement with your electricity provider.

As a general thumb rule, solar energy is particularly useful for businesses with high daytime electricity use as you can offset the peak electricity prices with a solar energy system. However, with hybrid solar systems, you can store this energy for later use. The cost of commercial solar power systems installations depends on a number of different factors including, system size, type of solar panels being installed, complex installations and funding available to your industry.

The good news is that the federal government has granted funds for the solar systems project implementation. One of them is a Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STCs) and the other is Largescale Generation Certificates (LGCs). While STCs applies to the systems under 100kW, LGCs are applicable to systems over 100kW.

Go Run Solar offers a complete obligation free quote and business case assessment to ensure commercial solar power systems deliver significant electricity savings to your business and will assist you in cutting operation costs before we propose any hybrid solar system for your Melbourne business.

Go Green! Save Money!