Questions You Need To Ask To Your Commercial Solar Systems Provider

Environmental sustainability is the wave of the future. Making earth a better place to live, renewable energy is one of the best ways. Once you start getting serious about going solar, it’s good to install the commercial solar power systems for your business. Finding the right solar system for your Brisbane, Queensland business is quite essential and so achieve that we have listed here few things that you need to ask your service provider.

  1. How much money can my company save?

If you decide to buy the solar systems, it’ll take few years to cover the cost and will gradually notice the savings. Once the system is on solar power can reduce the operation cost of your business because of your own solar plant producing clean energy.

  1. Is my building or site appropriate for solar?

A professional solar consultant or designer will evaluate your site’s suitability that includes various aspects of roof space, building integrity, grid interconnection requirements and many more.

  1. What size and type of commercial solar system would be perfect for my company?

It all depends on your choice. Either you can choose a traditional solar system or hybrid solar system. You can choose the system that suffices your energy needs or you can even generate more energy and get credit on that. ( Subjected to distributor approval )

Besides these the other questions that you need to ask your service provider are:

  1. If our company decides to go solar, which are the various government policies and incentives available to us?
  2. How much upfront fund will my company need to go solar?
  3. Besides buying a system outright, what are the other financial options available?
  4. What types of commercial solar systems are available and how do they differ?
  5. Who will be responsible for operation and maintenance of my commercial solar power systems?

If you ask the right questions and receive some unbiased answers, you’ll be able to get into the process with better understanding and confidence. GoRunSolar is the renowned company offering high-quality commercial solar power systems Australia wide. If you have got any other question in mind or to inquire about our products and services offered, feel free to get in touch with us today!

Debunking 5 Common Myths about Solar Systems

Many homeowners in Australia still don’t think that the solar power is for them. The technology isn’t that efficient, the location is not proper or planning to relocate soon. There are many myths which stop you from installing solar systems in your house. To bring you in touch with the reality, we have listed some of the most common myths and the actual fact behind it.

Myth 1: Solar Systems Only Works Best in Hot Climate

Fact: For the panels to generate sufficient electricity there’s no need for the sky to be clear. Cloudy sky may lower the solar system’s efficiency, generating a bit less electricity as compared to hot days, but they will work anyway. Additionally, they work best in cold conditions, as long as it’s sunny. Cold temperature increases the conductivity of the solar systems, allowing electricity to flow more efficiently.

Myth 2: You Can’t Use Solar Energy At Night

Fact: It’s true that the solar panels don’t work at night as there’s no sunlight. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be left with no energy to use. Majority of the solar systems are hooked up to the grid, for you to use the traditional energy sources when the panels don’t produce energy. You can also purchase the solar batteries to store the excess electricity at daytime and utilize at the night.

Myth 3: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

Fact: All thanks to Australian federal government incentives, solar rebate installing solar systems in Australia gives you huge savings on electricity bills and regular profit. Solar systems installations can dramatically boost the value of the property if you consider selling it in future.

Myth 4: Solar Systems Requires Constant Maintenance and Causes Roof Damage

Fact: Once installed, solar panels do not require any regular maintenance. It’s just the initial installation cost you need to worry about. Solar systems are highly durable and do not damage the roof. In fact, they actually preserve it. Solar panels lie on the metal structure that shields your roof from harsh environmental elements. Mounting systems installed correctly do not cause damage to the roof. The spacing of brackets spreads the weight of the system across a large cross-section of the roof area.

Myth 5: Solar Systems Will Get More Efficient, So Will Wait Longer

Fact:  Technological advancements are not as fast as it seems. There is no doubt that the future solar panels will be more efficient than the one present today, but always take into account the innovation comes in smaller steps. With government incentive, there’s no perfect day than today to invest in solar systems.

So, now if you have made up your mind to install solar systems in Australia, GoRunSolar is the perfect place for you. Go green and if you have any query regarding the quality solar systems in Brisbane, Gold coast, Ipswitch, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, get in touch with us today.

Hybrid Solar System – The Future of Renewable Energy At Home

The good part about technology is that there are ways of energy conservation with us. Solar power conservation is one of the most important ones amongst them. The solar energy can be stored in multiple ways and then utilized. One of them is a hybrid solar system. Let us discover more about it here.

What is a Hybrid Solar System?

In this type of system, the batteries are used to store energy for later use. The power is generated in the same way as any common grid-tie solar system. The term hybrid is used to indicate the two sources solar and battery storage.

Is there any need to store the solar energy in a battery? Yes, absolutely. The freest source of energy we have is the Sun. We must use its power as much as we can to produce conservable energy.

Most of us work in daylight so the instant energy produced is of little use. Instead, it can be stored for future usage. The vital part is it can play to be the power supply backup at times of blackout with EPS set up.  You can store solar energy and use it when you require.

Advantages of Hybrid Solar System

  • Low-cost energy production
  • Availability of power during blackouts
  • Enabling of advanced energy management
  • Reduces conventional power consumption

Yes, the cost involved might be higher, but the long-term perks are better. It is mainly the batteries that cost much. Also, the solar energy fluctuates so the generation capacity must be maintained.

There are various hybrid solar systems in the marketplace. Each one may differ based on the manufacturer and distributor as well as electricity network operators. As per your usage, you can opt for all-in-one hybrid systems or advanced grid-interactive systems. Overall, many studies have also been conducted and it is found that by hybridizing the system the energy generation cost can be reduced. You can find more information on our website

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Systems

An industry that is definitely growing in Australia is that of Solar Systems. There are thousands of photovoltaic (PV) solar powers installed and numerous solar PV projects are under construction. All of it owes its existence to the growing need for renewable energy.

Australia does have a dry climate and high latitude which can be beneficial for solar power production. Most homes in Australia are adopting this new way of energy consumption. Currently, the market has a lot of option and so it can be a bit difficult to decide where to start.

It is as such a financial commitment. But you have a good number of installers and solar products to choose from. The wise decision would be to know what you are getting into.  Knowing the type of solar system that best suits your needs will assist you in making an informed choice.

You are most likely to encounter 3 broad types:

  1. Grid connect Solar
  2. Stand-alone Solar systems
  3. Hybrid solar systems

Grid connect solar is one of the most popular ones in Australia. Such a system is connected with the main electricity supply system grid. There is no need of batteries here. It is quite cost-effective, low-maintenance and easy to operate.

The stand-alone solar systems as its name indicates are not connected with the main electricity supply grid. Majorly this is used in remote locations where main power is not available. It operated off the grid, independently and thus, requires a battery backup to store power. It is also expensive than standard grid connects system.

The hybrid solar system is nothing but one that is run using two or more than two renewable energy sources. It has a battery backup facility to store all the excess power. So, in times of power cut, you can still have electricity. It works similar to the UPS. You can also sell this excess power to the electricity retailers once a battery is full. It is a win-win solution.

There are also solar batteries and expandable solar power systems available. The hybrid solar systems are gaining popularity across users. However, each one has its own advantage and disadvantage. It really depends on your use and requirement. At Go run Solar, we will provide you with the most suitable advice. Connect with us to know better about solar systems in Australia.