How installing 5kw solar systems in Brisbane can Yield You Great Returns?

    Solar Systems in Brisbane

    There’s no denying it. Though Brisbane has unpredictable weather condition, there’s ample solar energy to make solar systems a great investment for your homes and offices.

    5kw solar systems have proven to be one of the most sought-after solar systems in Brisbane. It is ideal for the household and companies having energy consumption relatively low below 4,200 kWh mark per year.  The best part is that they can also take the benefit of government incentives and rebates.

    Whether a 5kw solar system will be the perfect choice for you or not, depends on the several factors including your roof orientation, electricity usage, energy bills, etc. A reputed company will work with you to understand your power usage and needs to provide you with the best possible solution. Listed below are the few common questions that will help you give the better understanding of a 5kw solar system.

    What’s The Approximate 5kw Solar System Price In Brisbane?

    The 5kw solar systems price in Brisbane differs depending on the quality of the components used. Its final price is determined only after considering the roof size and everything that is included in the solar installation process. With several cheaper options available in the market, don’t forget that price is a good indication of product quality.

    How Many Panels Will A 5kw Solar System Require?

    Approx 17 to 20 solar panels in Brisbane are required for a 5kw solar system.

    What Is The Required Roof Space?

    If the solar panels are of the size of 1.6m*1m, around 30 to 40-meter square roof space is needed for 5kw solar system installation in Brisbane. You need to consider that the panel size can vary.

    How Long Will A 5kw Solar System Take To Give Returns?

    It depends on various factors, including:

    • Installation price
    • Panels
    • Your usage patterns
    • Weather

    If we consider that the solar panels in Brisbane are placed in the right direction, the homeowners will be able to reimburse their investment in 2.5-4.5 years.

    How much power can a 5kw Solar System in Brisbane generate?

    Approximately, 20 kilowatt-hours of power/day can be generated by the 5kw solar system. Although, it will generate more power on hot summer sunny days. Additionally, it’s also crucial that your solar panels in Brisbane home are placed to obtain the maximum sun rays.

    Hire the professional and qualified installers to get the job done. They can ensure that your solar panels in Brisbane are perfectly located to absorb the maximum sunshine all year round.

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