Everything You Need To Know about Different Types of Solar Systems

    Solar Systems Brisbane

    Are you planning to install solar systems in Brisbane and be energy independent? Great! You are not alone. The prospect of using clean energy and saving money seems to excite many Brisbane homeowners. However, with the technological advancement and the wide range of solar power systems in Brisbane makes it difficult to choose the one that suits the best.

    Like any major purchase, it’s always advisable to do the research before making any investment. With a wide range of solar systems and installers available in Brisbane, it’s essential to find the best solution that suits your needs. The first and foremost thing to make an informed and wise decision is to choose the best solar system and solar installation Brisbane company. To make the tough job easy, we have listed below some of the most common types of solar systems in Brisbane.

    1. Grid Solar System

    This is one of the most popular choices amongst the Australians. Grid solar system is connected to the main electricity grid and doesn’t need any batteries. Any surplus power generated by your solar panels will be directly fed back into the grid. This lets you earn additional money by getting paid a FIT (Feed In Tariff) by your electricity retailer.


    • Most cost-effective
    • Easy to operate
    • Low maintenance
    • Get paid for the excess electricity generated

    2.  Hybrid Solar System

    Hybrid solar power systems are connected to the main grid and also have a battery backup facility to store excess power. The best part of installing a hybrid solar system is that it allows you to enjoy the benefits of both the world.


    • Electricity is available during a power blackout
    • Stored power can be used  after sunset
    • Excess electricity can be sold back to the retailer once the battery is full.

    3. Off-Grid Solar system

    As the name says, these types of solar systems in Brisbane are not linked to the electricity grid. There are widely used in the remote areas where there is no excess to direct electricity. Stand-alone solar systems operate independently and need a backup battery to store the excess power. Opting for off-grid solar installation in Brisbane is a more affordable option rather than connecting to the electricity grid.


    • A cheaper option that connecting to the grid
    • Eliminates the need for purchasing electricity from the retailer
    • They can be designed to power single appliances only.

    Once you’ve figured out the solar system, hire a renowned company for the professional solar system in Brisbane. They are highly experienced and are skilled to get the job done right the first time. If you are planning to go green and install solar systems in Brisbane, Go Run Solar can help!