Do I Need to Purchase Solar Batteries Along with Solar System? Is It Worth Investment?

    Solar Batteries

    Battery storage technology is one of the best inventions ever in the energy industry. From mobile phones to giant manufacturing unit, batteries are need of an hour. Batteries are used to store the energy to use it when you need it.

    In the below content, we have outlined the main 4 reasons why investing in solar batteries is worth it. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

    Reduce Energy Bill & Save You From Bill Shock

    Needless to say, batteries are expensive but not that much you are thinking of it. It’s a kind of investment that will give you ROI in the long run.

    Now move to the point, installing solar batteries can save a few bucks on your energy bills significantly. If you have a giant solar system with multiple solar panel systems on your roof & have enough energy storage capacity (here it is the battery); you can eliminate the whole energy consumption charges. Your home becomes a solar home running on only solar energy. However, this is quite hard to make it possible as it may cost you much and not practically possible today. But we can’t say about the future; it might be possible with some advanced technologies.

    In short, having charged solar batteries mean “Not to worry too much” about energy bill and will not get a shock from energy retailers.

    Increase Energy Independence:

    Today, we all are dependent on the main grid or in other words energy retailers for our electricity needs. That’s obvious as we didn’t have any other sources for the same. But now, solar technology has been invented and can generate electrical power at home, right? But still, it works during the day time only. Then what about the night when the sun isn’t in the sky.

    The solar batteries are the solutions. Store the extra energy in batteries during the daytime and use it in the night to save money that you will have to pay for using electricity coming from the main grid. No worry, your home appliances work well with the battery power the same as the main grid electricity. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Now, this seems like some kind of energy independence.

    Great Contribution to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    As we know fossil fuels, natural gases and coal are used to produce energy. These fuels emit carbon footprints in the air while being consumed. In short, we are making the environment populated and toxic when we use electricity at home.

    By Generating energy on your own through the solar system and storing it in your batteries, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home to some degree. Storing energy in batteries and using during night time means you aren’t using the electricity coming from the main grid. You know what that means. Ultimately, you are contributing towards reducing the carbon footprint. Isn’t it a good idea?

    If you are using solar energy to run the home appliance, you are a REAL HERO of Australia.

    Limit Your Losses – Low Feed-in-Tariff

    If you have a solar system installed at the roof and no solar batteries to store excess solar energy then you have the only option left – send it back to the main grid at a rate of 5c to 10c/kWh. The amount you earned through FiT (Feed-in Tariff) will be deducted from your monthly electricity bill. This is quite amazing, right? Yes, it is. But do you know that the retailer company charges you more than 10c/kWh?

    For example, you send 10 kWh to the main grid at a rate of 5c, your earning amount will be 5X10 = 50c. Now, you are using the same amount of energy (10kWh) from the main grid at a rate of 13c. Your payable amount would be 10X13 = 130c.


    As you supply 10 kWh energy to the grid then consume the same 10 kWh from the grid then there will be no amount differentiation, right? But still there.

    There is another scenario for the above calculation as a company has to store, manage and supply back. This requires some additional costs.

    What the point is “why should you supply the energy back to the grid?” and “Why don’t you store it in batteries?”

    You can use the stored solar energy at any time without paying a single extra penny. You have to pay for battery purchase! It’s a one-time investment though. Mitigate energy losses and maximize solar power utilization.

    I hope these above reasons are enough to convince you for investing in solar batteries. Still, need more benefits of storing solar energy in the batteries? Let’s discuss For any query regarding Solar system related to solar panel installation, repair, battery installation and more; don’t hesitate to give us a call at Phone: 1300 856 678. We would love to take care of your solar needs.