Debunking 5 Common Myths about Solar Systems

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    Many homeowners in Australia still don’t think that the solar power is for them. The technology isn’t that efficient, the location is not proper or planning to relocate soon. There are many myths which stop you from installing solar systems in your house. To bring you in touch with the reality, we have listed some of the most common myths and the actual fact behind it.

    Myth 1: Solar Systems Only Works Best in Hot Climate

    Fact: For the panels to generate sufficient electricity there’s no need for the sky to be clear. Cloudy sky may lower the solar system’s efficiency, generating a bit less electricity as compared to hot days, but they will work anyway. Additionally, they work best in cold conditions, as long as it’s sunny. Cold temperature increases the conductivity of the solar systems, allowing electricity to flow more efficiently.

    Myth 2: You Can’t Use Solar Energy At Night

    Fact: It’s true that the solar panels don’t work at night as there’s no sunlight. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be left with no energy to use. Majority of the solar systems are hooked up to the grid, for you to use the traditional energy sources when the panels don’t produce energy. You can also purchase the solar batteries to store the excess electricity at daytime and utilize at the night.

    Myth 3: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

    Fact: All thanks to Australian federal government incentives, solar rebate installing solar systems in Australia gives you huge savings on electricity bills and regular profit. Solar systems installations can dramatically boost the value of the property if you consider selling it in future.

    Myth 4: Solar Systems Requires Constant Maintenance and Causes Roof Damage

    Fact: Once installed, solar panels do not require any regular maintenance. It’s just the initial installation cost you need to worry about. Solar systems are highly durable and do not damage the roof. In fact, they actually preserve it. Solar panels lie on the metal structure that shields your roof from harsh environmental elements. Mounting systems installed correctly do not cause damage to the roof. The spacing of brackets spreads the weight of the system across a large cross-section of the roof area.

    Myth 5: Solar Systems Will Get More Efficient, So Will Wait Longer

    Fact:  Technological advancements are not as fast as it seems. There is no doubt that the future solar panels will be more efficient than the one present today, but always take into account the innovation comes in smaller steps. With government incentive, there’s no perfect day than today to invest in solar systems.

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