Are You a Solar Orphan? We Have Got You Covered

Unfortunately, many solar owners in Australia have found their solar system retailers have been either liquidated or closed the business & left the country. That’s why the solar consumers who haven’t any solar retailer to help called “Solar Orphan”. So, are you one of those whose solar retailers aren’t available?

In December 2018, A Current Affair did a good news story on Solar Orphans that included the conversation between consumers and industry. During the conversations, various concerns have come to the picture such as company liability, no maintenance, warranty issues, parts replacement and completion of installation. So, such issues have made solar consumers feel worried and alone.

How the term “Solar Orphans” Comes into the Picture?

Leaving solar consumers has been a bigger issue since 2011 and since then the trust on solar companies has been started decreasing and that results in loss of feed in tariffs in Australia. The biggest example is the closure of two solar system providers (Energy Matters and True Value Solar) and the reignited the discussion with the consumers.

Now just think, how can the solar consumers trust these companies and start getting products and services from them in the future?

Both companies True Value Solar and Energy matters have provided quality services until they got sold to international solar companies. In 2013, M + W Group (International investment group) owned the True Value Solar and in 2014, Sun Edison (US Company) purchased Energy Matters and later on Sun Edison was purchased by another international company Flex. 2 years before in Dec 2018,  Flex announced the company will wind down the solar business in Australia.

Both companies are now not functioning on the Australian territory and have their consumers in thousands. Now they have become solar orphans and no solar company is there to look after them.

What happens to Consumers As Such Companies are No Longer Serving them?

Both Energy Matters & True Value Solar exited the Australian industry and now their consumers are a solar orphans. Are you one of them? Your solar retailer is no longer around? Looking for a solar company that can maintain your existing solar system and also upgrades it if required?

However, many solar manufacturing companies have service partners who can handle the maintenance and repairing process. Unfortunately, such service providers couldn’t manage to serve the whole country.

No worries, Go Run Solar has Got You Covered

Go Run Solar has been providing solar panel system installation services for several years and have been helping consumers choose the right system that worth the money they pay. According to Solar Industry Australia standard, a company younger than five years old is considered as an infant, a company with experience above to years old is called a mature company. We are now mature enough to cater to all your solar requirements and complete the under process solar installation process with extra care.

No matter at what stage your solar system is stuck, We are there to help you. Being a certified and huge customer base, we ensure that your remaining solar system setup process will be completed within the given timeframe and make it in a function mode as soon as possible.

Need assistance or anything related to the solar panel system? Go Run Solar can help you 24X7. Just call us today at 1300 856 678 or send us an email at ( We will come to you with possible solutions.

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